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The Core Lifestyle book



The Core Lifestyle, Take the Leap and Win in Challenging Times is designed to lead you through the uncomfortable transitions that are the only path to your most vibrant life. Do hard moments from your past keep you from nurturing family connections that you crave? Do you struggle with setting boundaries in relationships or with power struggles on the job? Kevin Tucker helps you navigate those tough conversations and difficult adjustments that may be your next steps to a more fulfilling life. With examples from his own life and wisdom from the Bible, the author lays out the core principles that have helped countless clients thrive. The Core Lifestyle is for those who have the courage to meet life’s toughest issues with action and a plan. With guidance from an expert, you can use the hard times as a bridge to trust-filled relationships, triumphs as a leader, and fulfillment of the goals God put you on earth to achieve.


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