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Thanks for visiting my site! I’m looking forward to connecting with you.


A passion for helping others reach their highest callings has fueled my life’s work as a leadership and relationship strategist, mentor, and youth pastor. Now I want to share with you the core principles of taking the leap to win.


You can apply these principles to all facets of your life: relationships, your role as a leader, and reaching cherished goals. Not just goals to do better or reach the next rung on the ladder; I want you to dream bigger. God has plans for each of his children to impact lives in ways that have great meaning and are unique to each of us.


Whatever goal is tugging right now on your heart, I want that for you too.


In the work I do, I see a lot of pain, but I also see an increasing drive to break free from the boundaries of fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, and more.

“If you are leading at your peak, the visions you inspire will outlast your lifetime through the people you equip.”
—Kevin M. Tucker

If you too long for more, it would be my honor to offer you insight and principles that have meant the most to me. You can’t begin to dream of what God has in store for you—at the end of the journey and along the way as well.


It takes courage to begin.


I have been there too! In the home in which I grew up, there was a time when I allowed my voice to be crushed by fear. When I crushed that fear instead of letting it crush me, things slowly began to change.


Even as I wrestled with my own difficulties, I became a student body president when I was in middle school. In high school, college, and beyond, I continued in the role of effective leader and confidant to many. I could bless others in this way because I understood the value of that safe space in which they are allowed to speak their truths and know they will be heard.


You won’t get the change you want if you never have the courage to speak the truth that’s in your heart.


“Conflicts can be a source of growth if we manage our emotions and listen with open minds.”


I want to help you find their authentic voice and gain the courage to face tough issues, experience greater freedom and a higher quality of life.