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The Core Lifestyle Coaching

“To win the battle, you must be self-aware about the pitfalls that are likeliest to trip you up.” 

 —Kevin M. Tucker


COACHING is a helpful way to develop yourself as a person, work through pivotal changes, or live a more focused life. This journey isn’t about fixing people. Instead, a coach functions as a partner, helping you live out your own values and dreams for your life.

Kevin’s mission is to lead you through the uncomfortable transitions that are the only path to your most vibrant life and with courage, meet life’s toughest issues with action and a plan. He helps clients zero in on core values they can use to shape everyday decisions in their personal and professional lives.

With guidance from Coach KM Tucker, you can use the hard times as a bridge to trust-filled relationships, triumphs as a leader, and fulfillment of the goals God put you on earth to achieve.

We look forward to helping you take the leap and win and cultivate a life of greatness!

KMT Enterprises adheres to the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Code of Ethics and core values for coaching.

Coaching is available for both individuals and groups.  


For more information about our coaching services, a free introductory coaching session, and pricing, please e-mail info.kevinmtucker@gmail or complete the form on our contact page.