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Words from the CEO


Anyone can be a leader if they have the right tools and strategies. Effective leadership does not start with a title. Instead, it starts with a mind-set rooted in responsibility and wisdom.

Currently, a lack of wisdom on the part of leaders has led to heightened consumer fears as well as hardships in our government and personal finances. We have been left with a sense of distrust in regard to our leaders, and workplaces are filled with low morale.

A lack of leadership is wreaking havoc in our personal lives as well. Families, friendships, and other relationships are left shattered, and children often go without the guidance they need. Of course, no one makes the right choice at every single turn, but constant foolish choices can fuel anxiety, leave you with a sense of disappointment, and create unnecessary drama.

Wisdom is a crucial factor in maintaining health, emotional stability, and balance. Level-headed thinking leads to smart decisions. Daily, you have opportunities to make good choices, but you may be led astray by ideas that have been shaped by our current culture or things that have happened to you in the past.

I believe many people are searching for ways to break free from their mental bondage and lead better lives. We are here to encourage renewal of the mind, transformed behavior, and an approach to living that is rooted in wise thinking.


Kevin M. Tucker, President and CEO

Kevin M. Tucker